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AW@L Radio - Hunger Strike for Better Treatment in Jail: Support David Cedeño

David Cedeño has been at the "penetang prison" for 18 months. In segregation since Sept 2012 after requesting treatment for a medical condition, David started a hunger strike on Jan 9.

listen here:

Call the CNCC! Demand Prisoner Access to Books!

"Please call the Central North Correctional Centre to condemn their new book policy which only allows inmates 1 book per month if the title is pre-approved by the Superintendent! Please circulate widely!!

CALLOUT FOR SUPPORT -> Support access to books for imprisoned people

Call Central North Correctional Centre: 705-549-9470 (Superintendent) and tell them how absurd and inappropriate restricted access to books is.

If you're not satisfied with the response, and/or have the time to make more calls, call the Ombudsman: 1-800-263-1830 and the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services: 1-866-517-0571 (toll free)."

From Alex:

No Books for Prisoners Part 4

AW@L Radio - Smash The State Report: Jan. 25, 2013

support the hunger strike at Penetang prison then listen to news about Honduran mining laws, Mapuche resistance, resource extraction plans in NA, pissed off scientists + more!

listen here:

AW@L Radio - Smash The State Report: Jan. 18, 2013

We cover "religious freedom," captivity of all sorts, solidarity for teachers and INM updates! Plus blocking pipelines and Grassy Narrows!

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AW@L Radio - Idle No More Day of Action Jan 11.

We (Aaron Lakoff) introduces INM resistance, dispute mainstream media bullshit and misrepresentation, give space to Chief Wallace Fox, report on prisoner solidarity actions + support from palestine

listen here:

AW@L Radio: Prison Fast in Solidarity With Theresa Spence

As Chief Spence starts her 2nd month of hunger strike, prisoners at the penetang prison will fast in solidarity with her and the struggle highlighted by Idle No More. We speak to embedded AW@L Radio jail correspondent Alex Hundert about the fast.

listen here:

AW@L Radio - Smash The State Report: Jan. 5, 2013

We debunk racist idle no more coverage, explain settler responsibility in canada, read words or resistance from the Zapatistas, and words of support from the Niagara Animal Defense League, and more!!

listen here:

Roundtable: Idle No More - Six Nations

A roundtable with 3 Six Nations (Haudenosaunee) youth discussing Indigenous resistance, native-settler relationships, the power of the grassroots Idle No More and more!

listen here:

Invoking Nationhood, Resisting Colonisation - Oshkimaadziig Unity Camp

The Oshkimaadziig Unity camp, located at Council Rock near Midland, in Ontario is invoking Anishnabek nationhood in a direct way. Kalin Stacy of the GRMC speaks to Gibwinasi, a camp spokesperson.

listen here:

No Justice on Stolen Land: No Surrender at the Oshkimaadziig Camp

originally from Narrative Resistance -


I am not a person Indigenous to this land. I am a settler imprisoned in a colonial institution, the Central North Correctional Centre, commonly referred to as the Penetang Prison, a provincial prison built on Anishinabek land. This superjail in Penetanguishene is located by Georgian Bay’s Penetang Harbor. Across the harbor is Awenda Provincial Park, which is the current site of the Oshkimaadziig Camp, just over 12 kilometres away by foot or vehicle. As we enter the winter season behind these walls, the camp enters its first winter in the park, reoccupying and reclaiming sacred ground. This winter too, across the country, the Idle No More movement is gaining ground. Winters outside are cold and hard, I strongly encourage people to support the camp via funds, supplies and solidarity. This is a call out to support the Oshkimaadziig Camp.

AW@L Radio - Smash The State Report: Dec. 28, 2012 - More IdleNoMore + More!

We continue reporting on the Idle No More movement and on the ACTIONs of those not idle for some time. Also - Harper's New Mega-Mine, New Zines, ALF Attacks, SHAME Project + Prism-Magazine

listen here:

Smash The State Report: Dec. 21, 2012 - IdleNoMore and More!

From Attiwapiskat to #IdleNo More, will help you report on it, and we report on it here! Also jump into the war on the poor in ontario and more!

listen here:

Smash The State Report: Dec. 14, 2012

Show Features news from BDS Success, Fighting Austerity in Ontario + Saving the CSUMB. Then some reports on Immigration Detention, F35's, the new SPP, Abortion Rights, and General Strikes!

listen here:

Defending the Land Dispatch: Dec. 14, 2012

Victory over mining in northern BC, Grat Lakes Garbage Patch has been revealed as toxic sludge flows into rivers. Anti-Sludge Warrior Maureen Riley died but the battle goes on! And more!

listen here:

AW@L Radio - The War on The Poor - Getting Out of Jail in the Age of Austerity

This interview with imprisoned anti-capitalist and solidarity activist Alex Hundert looks into his article "Getting out of jail in the age of austerity" which, among other things gets into discussion about the McGuinty attacks on social services and the plan to cut funding to the community start up and maintenance benefit (CSUMB).  These cuts will have enormous impacts on prisoners who will be unable to pay first and last months rent on getting out of prison, and are more likely to end up on the streets and back in jail.

listen here:

see for more on the McGunity war on the poor

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