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Smash the State Report - 2012-11-30

Actions Against Austerity and to save CSUMB in KW by Poverty Makes Us Sick + all over the world! G20 cops not in trouble, Mahjoub calling for trouble, and response to the attacks on Gaza.

listen here:

AW@L Radio - Smash the State Report: November 24, 2012

We look at abuses in Canadian prisons, a solidarity action in support of grand jury resisters and G20 prisoners, actions against austerity and more.

listen here:


Solidarty Against Austerity - Alex Hundert Reads his Article from The Peak, from Jail

Alex Hundert is a communty organiser, land defending activist currently serving the remains of a 20 month prison sentence for his role in building a resistance to the 2010 G20 summit in toronto and his work highlighting the colonial oppression and capitalist exploitation directing the canadian state experiment

The piece this audio was created from Solidarity against Austerity was written for the Sept 2012 edition on The Peak magazine from Guelph which focused on the Quebec Student Strike. This piece looks into the common ground all youth, whether in jail or in school, have in resisting austerity and what the common impacts of this economic disaster will be.

listen to the full piece here:

Press Release + Statement: Charges to be withdrawn against Blogger who criticized undercover G20 officers

- Media Release (please forward far and wide)
- Dan Kellar's statement below media release

- listen to podcast here:

November 8th 2012

Statement to the press by Dan Kellar after charges were dropped:

Thank you for coming today, I'd like to start by acknowledging that we are on the territory of the Missassaguas of the New Credit.

Days after the birth of my first child, crown attorney Jason Miller contacted my friend and lawyer, Davin Charney telling him that it was "no longer in the public interest" to prosecute me, and that "Bindo and Brenda (the undercover cops) had moved on". While I'm glad these absurd and politically motivated charges are being dropped, I'm dissapointed that we will not get to question the ethics, morals, and motivations of officers involved in the G20 and anti-olympic undercover investigations.

My charges were politically motivated punishment for my activism and organising against the G20 summit, the 2010 olympics, and the capitalist colonial canadian project. These charges are a part of a pattern which reveals the deceptive and undemocratic actions the canadian state will take in efforts to intimidate critics and criminalize dissent.

And while I'm glad the charges against me have been dropped, the equally absurd charges against Julian Ichim will soon proceed to court, and the state still holds community organisers such as Mandy Hiscocks, Kelly Pflug-Back, and Alex Hundert among others as political prisoners.

There is no victory today, there is never justice in the courts, dropping my charges just gives me an opportunity to refocus all my energy on the everyday work of resisting the cultural and environmental destruction of a violent economic system rooted in colonial oppression.

our resolve is strong
we are rooting out their rats
watch our numbers swell

from the Toronto Media Co-op: Charges withdrawn for blog on undercover cop

link to original posting:

by Tim Groves

TORONTO--On November 8 criminal charges were dropped against a blogger who wrote about an undercover police officer who had befriended him as part of a police operation to spy on activists ahead of the 2010 G20 Summit.

The August 23, 2011, post appeared on, a blog maintained by Dan Kellar, an activist and independent journalist. It warned that the officer, who was described as a "screw-rat infiltrator," had been seen in Toronto, noting, "If you see this piece of filth, spit in his footsteps and scoff at his existence."

Our bodies were policed”: G20 protesters illegally arrested & profiled as “Black Bloc” for clothing and appearance fight back!

“Our bodies were policed”: G20 protesters illegally arrested &
profiled as “Black Bloc” for clothing and appearance fight back by
serving lawsuits against Toronto Police*

7 people from the Hamilton area will serve a $1.4 million claim
against the Toronto Police Services Board for illegal G20 arrests.

They will hold a press conference outside of the Toronto Police
Service Headquarters at 40 College Street this Wednesday, August 1,
2012 at 10 a.m.

Smash the State Report - July 13 2012

In the Friday July 13th edition of the AW@L Radio Smash the State Report starts off with an interview from CKUT with the partner of a Montreal man who faces 7 months in prison for his participation in protest activity.  We then read part 1 of G20 prisoner Mandy Hiscocks' prison blog and play a report from the Dominion paper on Alex Hundert's sentencing date.

We also report on the ongoing dissent being shown by doctors across canada as the Harper gov't pushes forward with their cuts to refugee health programs.  We also discuss ongoing actions in support of torture survivor Mohammad Majouhb, and on a commemoration to mark 6 months since a van full of migrant workers was killed in an accident.

Alongside music from dead prez, AW@L radio proud to present CUTV's first music video - Noucus Matraquer by Ouanani - in support of the ongoing student strike in quebec - we also talk about an awesome website called Class War University where you can go for great ideas and amazing analysis of the neo-liberal economic battle being waged on the battlegrounds of higher education (and everywhere else).

The show then gets into some counter olympic coverage in the lead up to the 2012 london games (and the heavily shrivelled protests), then reports on the sub-par construction legacy of the 2012 vancouver olympics.  We then jump bizzaro world where so-called democratic country canada muzzels government environmental scientists while so-called authoritarian china where the 2008 olympic host has folded to the will of the masses as huge demonstrations over pollution force the chinese government to change plans.


We end the show with a piece from Rap News - the best explanation fo the Higgs-Boson yet!


This is part of AW@L Radio's weekly 2 hour friday radio show (16:00-18:00 EST) on CKMS 100.3  - Community * Co-op * Campus Radio - Waterloo -

AW@L Radio - 2012-07-06

This week's Smash the State Report starts with the Dominion's June in review then we report on the outlawing of male genital mutilation in Germany, discuss the I #DenouceHarper twitter days of action, and discuss Gord Hill's latest work the Anti-Capitalist Comic Book.

download the whole episode:


AW@L Radio - 2012-05-18

Friday May 18th 2012 - A Smash the State Report looks at Canada's imminent anti-masking law, protests against anti-immigrant/refugee bill C-31, new tactics and weapons for the US military/NATO, canada's hidden wars, and more dictatorial behaviour by the #huckfarper government.

We Also feature a section on anti-mining activities including those of Sakura Saunders of Protest Barrick and the announcement of a new project by hip-hop heads Test Their Logik.

Check the whole episode: here


AW@L Radio - 2012-05-04 - April in Review, Mayday Report Back + Red Square Update, and Indigenous Resistance

Friday May 4th 2012 - The Dominion's April in Review kicks off the Smash the State Report, which then has some G20 legal updates (from Mandy + Leah, Carmelle Wolfson's most recent "2 years later" piece with Pat Cordette, and looks into police state america a little more and how its creeping into canada more and more. We also ask folks to save the bees, watch the Coconut Revolution, and Protest Barrick!

Check the whole episode: here


AW@L Radio - 2012-04-13 - Walking for Peace, Protecting the Land, Smashing the State (report :)

Friday April 13th 2012 - While the show starts off with The Smash the State Report, however, the real feature of Today's show is our discussion with radical historian Luke Stewart on the upcoming Rally, Walk, and Community Celebration taking place on April 28th in Grand River Territory of the Six Nations, hosted by the April 28th Coalition ( This discussion looks at the the intentions of the event organisers (both indigenous and settler), respecting historical friendships and honouring our treaties (such as the Silver Covenant Chain, The Two Row Wampum, and the Haldimand Proclamation) and the resistance to the event from business interests and white citizens' councils, among other topics.

listen to the whole show:

listen to the rabble podcast with the April 28 Coalition

audio of the invitations for this event Indigenous Land Protectors and their Settler Allies.


AW@L Radio - 2012-04-06 - Smash The State Report + G20 Report + Indigenous Resistance Update

Friday April 6th 2012 - The Smash the State Report features "March in Review" from the #mediacoop - which looked at #policebrutality against the ongoing #occupytoronto efforts, resistance to the federal budget, and much more! The Smash the state report then looks more indepth at the demonstration in Vancouver against the #NorthernGateway #pipeline, the quebec #studentstrike, and the CSIS watch efforts in Montreal. We close this first segment with a quick look at ontario's "sunshine list"


AW@L Radio - 2012-03-30 - Racists confronted across the land and Indigenous Resistance + G20 Report and more

Friday March 30th 2012 - The response to white power #boneheads organising in Edmonton and London is strong as hundrdeds of anti-racists and #antifa warriors drive neo-nazis back under the rock they came out from under. These actions occur as communities in Vancouver come together to march for the elimination of racial discrimination and as canadian minister of censorship and deportation Jason Kenney uses questions period to have his government attack No One Is Illegal ( as "more than just a noisey protest group." This first section also includes MMC audio of the Musqeam blockade against condo developments ( and a piece from Tracy Bomberry on 6 years after the Kanonhstaton land reclamation and subsequent OPP raid on the site near Caledonia on Six Nations - Haldimand tract land.


AW@L Radio - 2012-03-09 - Smashing the Airwaves with Adam Lewis

Friday March 9th 2012 - This show features a smash the state report featuring the 130,000+ student strike in quebec, the #mediacoop's February in review, hacktivisting, and more! This is followed by an indepth conversation with recently released AW@Ler Adam Lewis on prison and continuning the struggle. We also feature a full #ACAB report including an update from the Coalition Justice for Levi Schaffer (

Adam joins the conversation during the Eco and Indigenous Resistance update where we see continued impunity from Barrick Gold - #stopbarrick - and unwavering resistance from Cheif Donny Morris of KI in the face of threats of armed invasion by mining intrests - - all this and more on AW@L Radio!!

AW@L Radio - 2012-03-02 - Smashing Canadian Complicity In Torture

Friday March 2nd 2012 Radical historian Luke Stewart joins the show for a discussion on the complicity and the roles of the canadian government in acts of torture to Canadian citizens and others. We discuss the case of Abdullah Almalki who survived months of torture and of his speaking tour with Matthew Berens (resisting rendtion). We jump into the implications of using toruture, and information gained thorugh the use of torture in the international "intelligence" community.

The second half of the show is a Smash the State Report with G20/injustice news about Kelly Pflug Back, the launch of the People's Commission Don't Talk Don't Cooperate with CSIS campaign, continuing resistance to destructive capitalism/colonialsim around the world (HWY blockade in Quebec, 100 000 000 strike in India, Honduran plantation occupation), and more!!

We play the entire new album from Star Fuckin Hipsters - From the Dumpster to the Grave during the first half of the show!